Bestiario del Circo

A collection of poems for Clown and Orchestra

The circus…

The circus, like a hunted animal, takes refuge today in the only place it has left to live: the reserve of our own imagination, the capacity to dream and fall in love that we still have left in the midst of an increasingly technological and cold world.

The circus, more than a spectacle, is a way of understanding life, a living being in itself, which links us with our most ancestral, most atavistic part, the one in which it is still possible to get along with the wild beasts, or to play with death on a trapeze, which is the great heaven of the tightrope walkers.

The clowns and the magicians, the jugglers, the horses, the track and its lights, the balloons, the wagons, the canvas that covers and shelters everything, form the most amiable bestiary, the lost paradise to whose return we are condemned if we do not want to end up being simply victims of an increasingly ruthless world.

The circus is more than just a show, it is the place where the human being has always measured himself and has encountered the impossible challenges he has set out to overcome; it is the infinite space for imagination and the search for emotion; a place for astonishment and the exhibition of the impossible, the incomprehensible, the inexplicable.


A deep feeling of cosmopolitanism pervades the concept and the circus huts, the wagons that bring in their interior perfumes of faraway places, of cultures and laughter from elsewhere. It is a mixture of races, languages, colors and sounds, which generates a perfume of miles in the eyes.


The objective, therefore, is to transfer to our students, those who still have intact the ability to imagine a better world, a reflection through parallels on the current situation of our world and how the human being forges day by day his walk, his poetry, his music, his life… In short, the search for that better world for everyone and for himself.

Through the short story that stars our character, reading and listening to the poems that make up the book “Bestiary of the circus”, we will establish the curious and yet inevitable analogies between the circus, as a space of transhumance and encounter, where barriers and borders of all kinds, eventually disappear and the reality of our world.


Any presentation of one of the most representative comedians of the acting scene of the last years is a sobering one. His participation in different television series has shown him to be an actor with more than enough resources.

More unknown is his facet as a writer, dedicated mostly to poetry. In this field he was awarded the Margarita Hierro International Poetry Prize with his first collection of poems Y amarte sin saber.

Her protagonism in the show presented here demonstrates a perfect combination of these artistic aspects of her person: the tenderness and forcefulness of the emotions she develops in the service of building a kinder and more “livable” world.


His trajectory as an arranger and designer of pedagogical shows leads definitively to the proposal that concerns us: a symphonic-poetic-theatrical show in a direct and simple format. The music, composed specifically for this occasion, shows us the space shared by all the disciplines mentioned: Music, Poetry, Comedy, Drama… at the disposal of the formation in values of the youngest, of those who will build our society of the future.


The musical direction is in charge of one of the most promising conductors of the current musical scene in our country. An advanced student of the famed Armenian conductor George Pehlivanian, his participation in the project brings a contemporary and, inevitably, energetic dynamic to the communicative channel between the orchestra, the protagonist and the audience.

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